Information for sponsors

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The EMS Annual Meeting 2017 provides a forum for all actors in the meteorological, climatological, and related communities on the science, the applications, and the benefits for society.

This year's theme – Serving Society with better Weather and Climate Information – will be all about data: how best to harness the wealth of data now available to ensure the highest-quality support for users' decision-making – a key challenge for meteorological and related communities today.

51 sessions are organized into three programme streams

  • Engagement with Society (ES)
  • Operational Systems and Applications (OSA)
  • Understanding Weather & Climate Processes (UP)

We expect some 600 participants from Europe, but also beyond. The majority of the EMS Annual Meeting participants come from universities, national meteorological services, and public or governmental research institutions. International organisations are well represented and some 4% come from private service providers. One-third of participants are students or in the very early stages of their career; some 35% are female.

Sponsoring options

We would like you to consider sponsoring our conference. This event is an excellent opportunity to meet with other key players in the meteorological and climatological communities. Sponsoring options are the following.

Your company logo on the buffet and bar tables, announcement during the Opening
Poster session
Your company logo on each drinks/snacks table during one of the three poster sessions.
Coffee break
Your company logo on each coffee break station table during one of the eight poster sessions
Writing pad
Your company logo on the writing pad provided to all participants. (sold)
You deliver the umbrella. Could be important from time to time as participants have to switch between two buildings.

If you are interested in sponsoring the EMS Annual Meeting 2017, please send an email to

Conditions and general remarks

  • The logos of all sponsors will be printed in the programme book (deadline 29 June 2017), on the website, and on a slide displayed during the Opening.
  • Material to be distributed on the buffet, tables, and coffee break station tables must be provided by the sponsor and delivered to the conference centre.
  • Orders must be made by email; otherwise they will not be processed.
  • All prices are net prices.

Further information and opportunities