Conference TV

InVision Communications, a global TV production company, has partnered with the EMS to produce the official broadcast for the EMS Annual Meeting 2017 in Dublin.

InVision has covered some of the plenary sessions like the opening, the awards session and the plenary keynote presentations, and conducted numerous interviews with the new EMS President, the Poster Award Winner 2016, some of the winners of the Young Scientist Travel Awards to attend this meeting, and a number of other participants and presenters.

Highlights of the first three days:

Interviews with

More footing of the conference and interviews will become available on the EMS YouTube Channel.

As a part of the Conference TV project, the company had offered research institutions the opportunity to have a high quality film produced to highlight their key programmes, research and technologies. These films were broadcast to the attendees at the EMS Annual Meeting during the conference week and are available online:

Anyone interested in this opportunity for future meeting should get in the contact with the Invision team directly.