How to get to the venue

Emissions offset and travel by train & ferry

We encourage all participants of the conference to investigate possibilities to travel to Dublin by train and ferry. Below are links that provide some information on options to travel to Dublin by train and ferry:

Should you decide to travel by air, you may wish to consider offsetting travel-related emissions through donations for solar, biomass, or energy-efficiency projects:

From the airport to the conference

Dublin Airport is approximately 7 km north of The Helix Conference Centre and only 12 km from Dublin city centre and is serviced by Air coach, Airlink and Dublin Bus among others.

Dublin Bus

Dublin Bus – three-minute walk to Bus station in fromt of Terminal 1.

  • Bus no. 16 (direction Ballinteer) or no. 41 (direction Abbey St) – 11 min. (12 stops) → to Santry, Swords Road #1 Either walk for approx.15 min., 1.2 km to The Helix, or walk to bus station Whitehall, Glentow Estate (ca. 4 Min.), take bus no 44 to (direction DCU) – 3 min. (3 stops) → DCU, The Helix;. 1 min walk/40 m to The Helix.
  • Bus no. 41C (direction Abbey St) –10 Min. (12 stops) → to Santry, Swords Road #1; then walk for approx. 15 min., 1.2 km to The Helix

Bus Éireann

Coach no.109A (direction Kells) – Dublin Airport, DCU (Collins Ave (Stop #135021/#1646/#1644))

By taxi

The estimated taxi fare lies between 12 and 20. Estimated travel time: 13 min (no traffic) – 25 min (heavy traffic)

To plan your journey from Dublin airport to the city centre please have a look at the Dublin Airport website.

Public transport

From the city centre

Note that there are a number of different bus stops around the DCU Glasnevin campus, served by different bus routes. The most relevant bus routes from the city centre are 4, 9, 11, 13 and 44. 44 is the only one that stops directly at the entrance to The Helix (but runs only every 20 to 40 minutes).


  • stopping at DCU Helix: 44, 104 (44 is the only one directly from the city centre)
  • stopping outside the University at Ballymun Road or Collins Avenue Extension entrances 4, 9, 11, 13 and 109a (Kells), 126 (Naas)
  • stopping on Swords Road, Glasnevin Avenue and Collins Avenue West 1, 16, 41, 41a,b,c, 33
Detailed information on the public transport to/from the DCU is available at the DCU website.

General remark on busroutes

To get information on bus routes you need to know the number of a bus stop. The following site lists the bus numbers that stop at DCU (as given above), together with bus stop numbers. Once you know your starting point you can type it on this site. This will give you the route you can take to your end point.

4, 9, 11, 13 Ballymun Road (Stop # 37/4680)
17a Ballymun Road (Stop # 92 /128)
DCU Glasnevin Campus 44, 104 DCU Helix (Stop # 7571)
1, 16, 41, 41a,b,c, 33 Swords Road (Stop # 205/213)
109a (Kells), 126 (Naas) Collins Ave (Stop # 135021)

Time tables

The following site lists all time tables:

For example time table for Bus #44 (stop in front of The Helix): Note that time tables only specify the departure at the starting point and below give indications of travel times to the most relevant bus stops on the way.

Buses 4, 9, 11 and 13 also serve DCU bit do not enter the campus. E.g. see for bus 4 timetable. You can click on the map and it will show the stops near DCU.

Real time departures

For real time departures see: (by bus stop, bus number or address of the departing point)

Mobile app to get departure times

Bus tickets

Tickets for the Dublin Bus are available from the driver. The ticket price depends on the number of stops. An alternative to single tickets is the “Leap Visitor Card”, available at the Airport or in the city centre. The card allows unlimited travel after first use for the chosen period (24 hours – €10, 72 hours – €19.50, or 168 hours – €40). Note that tickets must always be validated (single as well as leap cards) when boarding a bus