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The EMS Annual Meeting 2017 was attended by 814 participants from 46 countries. We thank all of you for your attendance and your active contribution to this outstanding event. We would be delighted to welcome you back at the EMS Annual Meeting 2018, 3–7 September 2018 in Budapest, Hungary.

Conference theme: Serving Society with better Weather and Climate Information.

A key challenge for the meteorological and climatological communities is how best to harness the wealth of data now available – both observational and modelled – to generate and communicate effectively relevant, tailored and timely information ensuring the highest quality support to users' decision-making. Realising the value of meteorological and climate information to government, industry and all sectors of society is the focus of this conference. Read more

Winner of the Outstanding Poster Award 2017

Ilari Lehtonen from the Finnish Meteorological Institute and his colleagues have been selected to receive the Outstanding Poster Award 2017 for their poster High-resolution projections for soil frost conditions in Finland with regard to timber harvesting and transport availability.

This poster shows a fantastic combination of a clear and concise message underpinned by sound science and good presentation. The impact of climate change on the soil and human activity is shown through an innovative approach. This highlights the importance of Earth system modelling and also adaptation that will be required due to climate change. This work is not only applicable to Finland, but more broadly to other parts of the world at similar latitudes, and contributes to the field of climate services.

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Country statistics

Germany 115   Hungary 9
Ireland 109 Greece 7
United Kingdom 89 Portugal 5
Spain 43 Slovakia 5
Korea, Republic of 37 Canada 4
Czech Republic 36 Denmark 4
Italy 36 Australia 3
France 34 Estonia 3
Netherlands 35 Serbia 3
Finland 28 Slovenia 3
Switzerland 25 Iceland 2
Austria 22 Morocco 2
Norway 16 Brazil 1
Poland 16 Chile 1
United States 17 Faroe Islands 1
Croatia 15 Guadeloupe 1
Russian Federation 14 Hong Kong 1
Japan 13 Israel 1
Belgium 11 Lithuania 1
Romania 11 Mexico 1
Sweden 11 Réunion 1
Bulgaria 10 Taiwan 1
China 10 Turkey 1
Number of participants